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The ‘survivor’ of Auschwitz - movie review

The Survivor is a much higher-profile film than other boxing-related Holocaust movies and it is anchored by Ben Foster’s tour-de-force performance.

Scenes from a Tel Aviv marriage - review

While Michael pinpoints Tel Aviv as the source of his ennui, a visit to his familiarly dysfunctional family suggests many other causes.

Nanni Moretti's 'Three Floors' is a frustrating misfire - review

With Three Floors, Moretti moves the setting of Nevo’s novel to Rome, but he is quite faithful to the spirit and structure of the book.

'Marrying Myself': Don't settle for this Israeli rom-com - review

Romantic comedy is a genre that few Israeli directors have attempted.

Moving Oscar-nominated story of an Afghan refugee - review

It was clearly influenced by the groundbreaking film in this new genre, Ari Folman’s 2008 Waltz with Bashir.

'Snowland': An Israeli film that won't melt your heart - review

The film moves from sequence to sequence, with a pulsing pop music score that does little to distract from how repetitive and obvious most of the screenplay is.

A mixed bag of new Israeli movies

"All Eyes Off Me," "Black Notebooks," and "Mr. Kohl's Final Hour" are all playing in movie theaters across Israel now.

‘The Translators’: An entertaining film in any language - review

While it may not be especially plausible, it’s delicious fun.

‘Happy Times’: A violent black comedy that doesn't get funnier - review

These kinds of black comedies are hardly ever as funny as their creators want them to be.

REEL DEAL: The new Yes Planet complex in Jerusalem.

After a year of being empty, cinemas to open next week

For a whole year, films have been delayed, tickets haven't been sold, and audiences are now itching to relive the cinema experience.

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