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Prior COVID offers less protection vs Omicron; mRNA booster shot efficacy declines within months

The immune response to COVID-19 helps protect against reinfection, but that protection is weaker against Omicron than it was against earlier variants of the coronavirus, according to new data.


In world first, S.Africa's Afrigen makes mRNA COVID vaccine using Moderna data

The vaccine candidate would be the first to be made based on a widely used vaccine without the assistance and approval of the developer.


Flu virus shells can assist mRNA delivery into cells - study

A recent UCSD study addresses the major issue of delivering biological drug molecules into cells safely and protecting them from endosomes.

Experimental HIV vaccine based on mRNA safe for animals - study

The mRNA-based HIV vaccine is the same platform technology used in COVID-19 vaccines. 

Moderna's mRNA-based flu vaccine shows promise in early-stage study

This data, though limited, puts Moderna ahead of other drugmakers, including rival Pfizer Inc, that are also testing their flu vaccine based on messenger RNA.


Fetus brains unharmed by non-severe COVID-19

MRI scans showed "normal age-appropriate brain development" in a study of 33 pregnant women with mild or moderate COVID-19.


Could DNA vaccines be the next tool in the world’s battle against COVID-19?

India last month said that it had created the world’s first DNA vaccine, ZyCoV-D. While standard vaccines use actual 'hardware' protein, DNA vaccines use the 'software' blueprint of the virus.

Can you grow COVID-19 vaccine-lettuce? UC Riverside scientists think so

Prof. Giraldo “We are testing this approach with spinach and lettuce and have long-term goals of people growing it in their own gardens. Farmers could grow entire fields.”


Israeli experts analyze mRNA COVID vaccines long-term effects

Experts believe there will be no long-term side effects to the mRNA vaccines.

Religious leader Louis Farrakhan gives the keynote speech at the Nation of Islam Saviours' Day conve

Nation of Islam Twitter account suspended

The organization was allegedly suspended over comments regarding mRNA vaccines.

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