Munich attack 1972

ESPN film focuses on Holocaust and Munich Olympics survivor Shaul Ladany

Shaul Ladany, 86, survived a Nazi bombing of his family’s house when he was a child, the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and the 1972 Munich Olympics terror attack.

By Jacob Gurvis/JTA

My Word: What’s happened to Winnie-the-Pooh and the world

The Frake-Waterfield version could be called (or spelled) Winnie-the-S**t. The bear who is always “rumbly” in his “tumbly,” is causing a very different type of stomach ache.

Commemorating the Munich massacre on TV

Well-known Israeli author Yossi Melman co-wrote the movie, Munich 1972: Of Games and Blood, showing on Yes VOD and StingTV.

Letters to the Editor September 7, 2022: Like a cult

Readers of The Jerusalem Post have their say.

Lapid warns Israel is prepared to stop Iran if threats continue

Iran is behind “radical forces sowing terror, grief and devastation and seeking to menace everyone in the world,” said Herzog.

Germany takes responsibility for failure to protect Israelis in 1972 Munich massacre

"Those who remember the dark and endless hours of that bitter September carry in their hearts the same scar and the same moments which they followed with excruciating media reports." - Isaac Herzog

Germany asks for forgiveness 50 years after Olympics Munich Massacre

Germany should shoulder its share of responsibilities for the attack, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said.


The Munich Massacre also killed our faith in the postwar order - opinion

Seeing sport as an apolitical forum for excellence, Olympics fanatics hoped that nationalists would get their jollies by going for the gold rather than invading their neighbors.


Munich Massacre is ghastly reminder of worst side of mixing sports and politics - editorial

Fifty years on, it is important not only to acknowledge the Munich Massacre, but to learn from it.

On This Day: Jewish-American swimmer Mark Spitz sets Olympics record in Munich

California-born Jew Mark Spitz's remarkable run saw him compete in seven swimming events, winning every single one and setting seven world records.

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