Scientists' study of rubble pile asteroids can help save the Earth - study

Ruble pile asteroids are far more common and durable than previously believed, but it does mean that using nuclear weapons could safely stop an impact.


2 asteroids the size of 100 pugs to pass Earth Tuesday - NASA

Both asteroids 2019 BO2 and 2019 BZ4 are around 36 meters in diameter, meaning 100 pugs. But it won't hit us – pugs are more likely to.


NASA telescope catches black hole twisting captured star into donut shape

The telescope was not able to capture the whole process up close because the star that was swallowed was 300 million light years away.

2 asteroids the size of 22 penguins to pass Earth this weekend - NASA

Both asteroids 2023 AT and 2023 AE1 are as much as 22 meters wide, meaning 22 emperor penguins. They won't hit us though – penguins are more likely to.


When is the next solar flare? Scientists may now know how to predict it - study

Researchers using NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory may have found small flashes in the Sun's corona that could signal an impending solar flare.

Titanic-sized asteroid to sail pass Earth on Monday - NASA

Asteroid 2012 BV13 could be as large as 220 meters in diameter, just a bit smaller than the 269 meter Titanic. It won't hit us though.

Was 2022 the year of the UFO? New Pentagon report poses critical question

Though hundreds of sightings of UFOs/UAPs still cannot be explained, the US Department of Defense still cannot confirm the existence of alien life.

US strongly committed to Japan defense, Biden tells Kishida, hails military boost

Biden and Kishida met at the White House, bringing ties between the US and Japan to a position the two have never reached before.


2022 was Earth's fifth hottest year on record - NASA

Overall, Earth is now around 1.11 degrees Celsius warmer than the average during the late 19th century, NASA said, warning of climate change.

Comet the size of Jerusalem's Old City flying by Earth - and you can watch

The comet was designated C/2022E3 (ZTF) and it was discovered in early March 2022 by the Zwicky Transient Facility. It isn't going to hit us, but it will be visible with the naked eye.

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