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Pope declares 10 new saints, including Dutch priest killed by Nazis

Pope Francis read the canonization proclamations while seated in front of the altar and 10 cheers went up in the crowd as he officially declared each of the 10 saints.


Victoria to be first Australian state to ban Nazi symbols

"I've said it again and again, we have a Nazi swastikas epidemic in this state," the Anti-Defamation Commission chairman said.


Jewish cemetery bombed in northeastern Ukraine

Jews killed in a 1918 pogrom are buried in the cemetery • tombstones of two community leaders survived the attack intact.

Holocaust survivor Rena Quint answers remaining questions - opinion

Rena Quint answered questions 77 years after being found among the dying and liberated in Bergen-Belsen.

1,214 Ukrainians immigrate to Israel, 45 of them Holocaust survivors

16,500 Ukrainians have immigrated to Israel so far, most of them have settled mainly in four cities: Netanya, Haifa, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa and Jerusalem.

'Death Gate' at Stutthof Concentration Camp

Germany tries two Nazis for wartime crimes

Despite the decades that have passed since the crimes were committed, it is still possible to hold Nazi perpetrators accountable for their crimes.

A Nazi armband with a swastika displayed in the Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin, Germany

K-pop group under fire for Nazi-related lyrics, outfits in new single

The eight-man South Korean pop group, EPEX, released their single "Anthem of Teen Spirit" on April 11, which contained Nazi-esque outfits and lines related to a "Crystal Night."

Russian state media claims 'Ukronazism' greater threat to world than Hitler

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is Jewish and the descendant of Holocaust survivors.


Barry Manilow: Singer dishes on bringing his Nazi-era musical to NYC

Manilow and Sussman have been working together for decades, with a catalog that includes everything from pop hits to musical theater spectacles.


Nazi billionaire dynasties built on Jewish blood explored in new book

Many titans of industry and finance collaborated with Adolf Hitler to produce weapons, seize Jewish property and exploit concentration camp labor.

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