Maree Sky Lounge: The closest thing to gastronomic heaven

We visited the Maree restaurant there recently, escaping Passover cleaning and preparation for a few blissful hours of great food and wonderful ambience.

PokeShop: An adventurous meal for fish-loving Israelis

For a people raised on gefilte fish and chopped liver, poke (which originated in Hawaii) is a very different kettle of fish.

Jerusalem’s Ultimate flying disc team leads the league after beating New Age

Jerusalem Syndrome is first to oust the Ra’anana team from the top slot • set to play central Israel’s Element, the other top league team, on April 5.


Netanya's City Market gets a big facelift

There are plans afoot to open a meat restaurant not far from the Kuvsah with caravans, already in place, to serve a variety of meat dishes. There’s also a dance floor and a small stage.

Dudes: Helping out with Israel's war effort

Until you eat at Dudes, you can have no idea how many variations a simple hamburger can be presented in.

Netanya's history: Pioneering Sela's neighborhood revitalization program

Demolishing eight buildings with 116 units, it aims to erect 1,000 new apartments in three towers and two 10-story buildings.

US teen arrested for killing Israeli Air Force envoy in Washington state

The suspected teenager was driving a stolen car when he struck Major Yonatan Nahon earlier this month near his residence in the state of Washington.

Here is a list of free family-friendly Hanukkah activities in Israel happening despite war

With larger festivals scrapped, holiday fun for the whole family can still be found throughout the country.

El Gaucho: Why bother to cook for Shabbat when you can order? - review

It’s great to be able to buy good, well-prepared food and spend your time doing something worthwhile like charity work, or even enjoying bridge and golf games, if that’s your thing.

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