How bottom-dwelling fish conceal themselves from predators

However, little is known surrounding the fish who live close to the ocean floor and how they are able to utilize these abilities.

Ningaloo Coast, Australia
Scientists discover 'longest living' creature off Australian coast

While it may resemble a man-made object or proof of alien life, the siphonophore Apolemia is instead the longest living thing on the planet.

Sheba Medical Center to assist in measles crisis on island of Samoa

The Sheba team will be on site at the tiny island of Samoa for two weeks to help contain the crisis.

Hawksbill sea turtle.
Baby turtle found with 104 pieces of plastic in its stomach

The Gumbo Limbo Nature Center shared a photo of the sea turtle and multiple pieces of the plastic they were able to extract from its stomach on Facebook.

Israeli coral reef survey reveals major changes in Great Barrier Reef

Coral reefs are very sensitive to any environmental change. Multiple stressors can lead to dramatic deterioration that can result in loss of reefs and their ecological services for years.

Israeli researchers are using 3D printing technology to help rebuild coral reefs

Coral reef systems are being continuously degraded worldwide. This technology, now being applied off the coast of Eilat, helps rebuild the diversity of the underwater ecosystem.

AT LEAST eight types of Jellyfish populate Israeli waters, most of which don’t sting
Massive swarm of jellyfish heading for Israeli coasts

According to a report from Walla, the swarm is moving swiftly north and may consist of tens of millions of jellyfish.

 A clownfish and a sea anemone find shelter in plastic waste in a coral reef off the coast of Eilat
Israel moves pristine corals after restricted beach reopens

Scientists found a magical undersea world of unspoiled corals and schools of fish.

Man nearly swept out to sea rescued by Tel Aviv police life-saving effort

Paramedics were on location following the incident and upon arriving ashore, the man was transferred into medical custody.

 A clownfish and a sea anemone find shelter in plastic waste in a coral reef off the coast of Eilat
TAU research shows shocking amount of microplastic in maritime organisms

When beach-goers litter, the waste washes out to sea and may break up into smaller pieces.

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