oecd israel poverty

Presenting the annual poverty report.

21.2% of Israeli population lives below the poverty line - new report

The report showed an increase in poverty among the elderly, despite a recent minimum wage increase.

Israel's most important issues are sometimes ignored

Israel faces a whole host of burning issues that demand the full and immediate attention of the prime minister and his cabinet.

Poverty Israel

Israel’s economic forecast: Slowdown, high poverty

For years Israel’s GDP per capita grew by 2% to 2.5% per year; however, from 2012 to 2016 it slowed to an average annual growth rate of about .9%

Volunteering in Israel

More than 1 in 5 Israelis live in poverty, highest in developed world

When compared to other OECD countries, Israel still has the highest poverty rates of all developed countries.

Poverty in Israel

State blamed as shocking new report highlights deep poverty across Israel

1,412,000 adults and 1,024,000 children live under the poverty line, with 1 in 3 poor children skipping meals.

Beggar in Jerusalem

Government has invested only 25% of funds needed to combat sky-high poverty

Researchers said there was “serious doubt” if the steps taken so far, and those planned, will bring poverty rates down to the OECD average.

Homeless Israel

Israel neglecting social welfare investment; child poverty at 25%

Welfare minister Haim Katz says people must go back to work. Unemployment at record low of 4.6%.

Painting by Avi Katz

The 5776 mirror: Looking back over the past Jewish year

As we look back over the past Jewish year, Israel has room for much optimism and hope – and a dark cloud or two.

Poverty Israel

UNICEF: Israel’s child poverty rate surpasses Mexico and Chile

With regards to income inequality Israel ranked 37 out of 41 countries - meaning that the household income of a child at the bottom 10th percentile is 64.58% lower than that of the average child.

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