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Why do good things happen to bad people? New book tracks answers

Thinking about Good and Evil - Jewish Views from Antiquity to Modernity by Rabbi Wayne Allen summarizes all the Jewish views on theodicy.

When tragedy strikes, where is God?

And Moses said: “Please God, show me your system of justice.” — What does Jewish tradition and scholars say about God's role in human tragedy?

South African Chief Rabbi on searching for meaning

Moments of crisis provoke within us some of the deepest questions. We can try to ignore these gnawing questions; pretend they don’t exist, or seek truth.

Understanding the concept of infinity in Judaism

When we put our hands over our eyes during the Shema, we are close to understanding the kabbalistic understanding of infinity.


How does Jewish peoplehood mesh with the American experiment?

As the United States of America celebrates its Independence Day, it bears merit to question how the Jewish concept of "chosenness" meshes with American republican ideals.


Advice on how to put things in perspective

When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when the COVID pandemic or the political turmoil is driving you to despair, remember the large jar and the two cups of coffee.

‘Democracy’s Future’ focus of Night of Philosophy

Former French justice minister Robert Badinter, famous for abolishing the guillotine in 1981, is among the 25 scheduled speakers who will address questions of common values.

Indifference, hatred are symptoms of madness gripping the world - opinion

There is a way to argue that is civil and humble. Sadly, it is too often abandoned or ignored because each side thinks that it is the arbiter of truth and the other is the enemy

A church in Middlesboro, Kentucky, prays to a Star of David in a still from Maya Zinshtein's documen

Dutch philosopher calls Diaspora ‘blessing’, prevented Jews to have power

Hans Achterhuis, the first recipient of the prestigious and royally recognized title of “thinker of the Fatherland,” made the remarks in an interview on the role of religion in the modern state.


Education and democracy in crisis - opinion

In Israel, which is rife with disagreement over what might count as a good life and with those who seek to impose their concepts of the good on others, education should oppose the threat of tyranny.

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