polish death camps

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THE PERIMETER fence of Auschwitz II-Birkenau is enveloped in a thick evening fog during the ceremoni

Analysis: When realpolitik crosses the line

So where should the line be drawn? For the one and only Jewish state, antisemitism is a good place to start taking a strong stand, as is the Holocaust.

Police commissioner Roni Alsheich salutes during a ceremony

Israel Police Chief at Auschwitz: We're coming to teach, not learn

"Coming to Poland in uniform and with an Israeli flag, with the president and other security officials, is very meaningful."

1946 U.S. document reveals Poles treated Jews as badly as Germans did

The report said many Jews preferred to flee, even to Germany, after the war.

Poland says controversial Holocaust law isn't 'frozen'

On Saturday night, Channel 2 reported that Poland had decided to freeze the law making it a crime to say the Polish state or nation was complicit in the Holocaust.

screenshot from the suspended Ruderman Family Foundation campaign video

US Jewish group pulls 'Polish Holocaust' video after causing outcry

The answer to the ‘Polish Holocaust Bill,’ is not inflammatory, hateful rhetoric such as this but, rather, discussion and dialogue based on facts,” said the executive director of JCC Krakow.

PHOTOGRAPH OF Auschwitz-Birkenau taken in February 2017.

'Jewish perpetrators' comments not Holocaust denial, Polish gov't says

"The words ...should be interpreted as a sincere call for open discussion of crimes committed against Jews during the Holocaust, regardless of the nationality of those involved in each crime."

Holocaust survivors enter Auschwitz 73 years after its liberation on Holocaust Remembrance Day, Janu

Senate speaker asks Poles living abroad to report anti-Polish comments

The request by Stanislaw Karczewski comes on the heels of the controversial law outlawing the term "Polish death camps" and any reference to Poland's complicity in the Holocaust.

PHOTOGRAPH OF Auschwitz-Birkenau taken in February 2017.

On the linguistics of Polish death camps and other things antisemitic

I’m on the side of free speech and informed discussion.

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