Oldest known Ichthyosaur remains discovered in Arctic

Scientists discovered the oldest known Ichthyosaur remains. The paleontological find is changing how scientists see the emergence of the species as a whole.

By Sam Halpern

Prehistoric ‘moss animals’ are millions of years younger than previously thought

The delayed appearance of these animals shows that this was not a unique period of rapid evolutionary advances, as previously believed.

Discovery of ancient 'marine crocodiles' could fill fossil record gap - study

Experts believe that the discovery will help fill a gap in the fossil record.

Headless Maya statue discovered in excavation of ancient city

The limestone statue has been nicknamed "Yum keeb" - or the god of phallus and fertility.

A lost world: Scientists find 2 million-year-old oldest recorded DNA

The DNA found in Greenland is the oldest on record and revealed an ecosystem with an ancient open forest teeming with animals.


UK Boxgrove fossils highlight complexities of human evolution in new study

A comparison between the UK's Boxgrove fossils and the Sima de Los Huesos in Spain has led to new understandings of the links between some of Europe's earliest humans.

Immigration among Neolithic people caused Mesopotamia to be genetically diverse - study

Findings show that Çayönü was a genetically diverse population because it carried mixed ancestry from the west and east sides of the Fertile Crescent - caused by immigration.

What caused the holes in this prehistoric T-Rex's jawbone? - study

For years, scientists have been stumped as to what caused the golf ball-sized holes in the skull of one of the world's best-known dinosaur fossils.


Evidence of prehistoric hunting discovered by Oxford archaeologists in Arabian desert - study

The discovery has "important implications in terms of the paleoenvironment of the region, faunal dispersals and human cultural connections." 

Climate change caused massive waves of evolution in reptiles - study

Reptiles evolved at an alarming rate to suit themselves to changes in climate, Harvard study finds

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