Parashat Bo: The balancing of Genesis 1 & Exodus 12

A mitzvah in parashat Bo is connected to the flight from slavery, as well as a year-round commandment: the establishment of a calendar.

MK Moshe Gafni proposes law to segregate Israel's nature reserves

A bill put forward by the UTJ MK could see Israel's nature reserves become segregated by gender for at least 15% of their operational hours.

2,300-year-old teenage 'golden boy' mummy undergoes CT scan

Close to 50 amulets were found on the body of a 2,300-year-old teenage mummy kept in the Cairo Egyptian Museum.

Why are religion and state different in Israel than the US? - opinion

In Israel, Judaism and politics, are inseparable – one cannot be divorced from the other. Unlike in the US, the issue is not “church and state” – in Israel, it is “religion and state.”

Intense ‘devekut’: The goal of the Jewish mystic

The term devekut is often rendered in English as “cleaving.” Alas, using an English term that is not part of common speech hardly clarifies the experience being described.


After religious freedom objection, US Merchant Marine Academy obscures massive painting of Jesus

“It will be a teachable moment every time somebody asks why those curtains are up there.”


Catholic priest burned to death, another shot in north Nigeria

A Nigerian gunman, with a history of targeting Catholic priests, has burnt a priest to death and shot another.


Israel Museum exhibit showcases taste of Hindu tradition, practices

There are 14 sculptures of deities in the show, which features divine characters that are important to the 4,000-year-old Hindu belief system.


A spiritual prescription for controlling your anger - opinion

It is clear that our society has become far, far too violent, with hostile words quickly turning into physical confrontations

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