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Grapevine January 18, 2023: Saturday night live

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

Mainstream religious Zionist rabbi appointed head of Conversion Authority

A new head of the Conversion Authority has been appointed by the Prime Minister's Office.


Israel's electoral system only harms the country - opinion

The ballots cast by a mere 700,000 voters will now dictate the policies and conduct of the Israeli government in the years to come vis-a-vis its 10 million citizens and, indeed, the entire world.

Smotrich's Religious Zionist Party is becoming anti-Zionist - opinion

Religious Zionists should tell Smotrich and the RZP “not in my name” before the national religious banner is indelibly stained with corruption, draft dodging and unjust discrimination.

UTJ's Gafni slams Ben-Gvir, says Temple Mount visit was 'a violation of Jewish law'

Ben-Gvir responded to Gafni's accusations by saying that he should find it "inappropriate to preach morals."

We must save religious Zionism from the Religious Zionist Party - opinion

Do we want a zealous, anti-humanist and anti-democratic Religious Zionist Party alienating Israelis from religious Zionism like the rabbinate does for Judaism?


The IDF has a problem with female soldiers - opinion

We are already heading in a dangerous direction with female representation in this new government. Will we allow this to happen in the IDF as well?

Israel’s new government and ‘Pauline Kael syndrome’ - opinion

What’s not in question is that the crew now at the helm was elected – democratically – to try and meet some major objectives.


Hundreds block Tel Aviv highway in protest against new government

Protesters gathered in front of the Knesset earlier in the day for a similar protest.

American and Israeli Jews [Illustrative]

Orthodox Diaspora Jews, reach out to religious-Zionist Israeli leaders - opinion

It is about time that Orthodox and modern-Orthodox leaders and organizations invest in a relationship between Orthodox and right-wing American Jews and Israelis.

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