Israeli shekels

Yom Kippur: Charity as a path to repentance - opinion

The obligation to give charity is based on both our need to take care of each other and a recognition that we are just the custodians of money.


Yom Kippur: Opportunity for forgiveness

People who can forgive those who have wronged them demonstrate a noble and humble soul. In doing so, they receive the appropriate treatment from God.

'Teshuva': How can one atone for their sins and get God's forgiveness?

While people should in fact do teshuva for all their sins, they should not be paralyzed by the enormity of the work that needs to be done. 


The sins of Israel: Why the Netanyahu government must repent - opinion

Is this the end of the State of Israel – and by extension, the Jewish people – as we know it? Can we survive a constitutional crisis? The coalition has so many sins, it's hard to know where to start.


Yom Kippur: Time for a spiritual reboot for the Jewish people - opinion

Yom Kippur is the single greatest opportunity we have to rekindle the flame within us, to rededicate ourselves to the holy mission each and every one of us shares.

Your secret sins behind closed doors infect the world in real-time - opinion

What happens online quickly influences what happens in real-time. Our world is angrier and ruder, in part because of the way we speak to one another on the net. 

Corrupt, amoral religious Jews in US, Israel – repent for political sins - opinion

So many religious politicians have behaved so irreligiously for so long that it often seems easier to believe that the more religiously Jewish you are – the less politically ethical you are. 

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