Blood Test
Researchers finds new way to accelerate blood test analysis by 98%

The blood test is completed in just 30 seconds, thus shortening the process by about 98% and reducing its cost by a similar rate.

Artificial cells on a chip
Israeli team develops artificial cells for the study of dangerous viruses

The system was developed by the Weizmann Institute of Science and could assist scientists worldwide.

New Israeli trial to check if pomegranate oil could improve memory

Approximately 50 million Americans are affected by neurodegenerative diseases each year, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Researchers review how COVID-19 affects more than the lungs

Their findings claim that beyond severe respiratory distress, coronavirus infections can cause an increased risk of heart attack and kidney failure, as well as clotting disorders.

COVID-19 infections in households highest among 10-19 year-olds - study

Nearly 19% of all people who came in contact with 10-19 year olds got infected, more than any other age group included in the study.

Scientists develop clinical tool to classify severity of COVID-19 patients

The researchers delved through the symptoms of millions of users, finding there to be six distinguished groupings of coronavirus symptoms, each with their own level of severity.

Jason Alexander to host Israel Cancer Research Fund August 5 virtual gala

Titled 'Ribbons of Hope,' the gala will be hosted by American actor and comedian Jason Alexander.

Israeli study might mark beginning of new era for medical privacy

A paper published showed that medical research carried out using synthetic data can produce results which are strongly consistent with research using real patients’ data.

Archaeologists find underwater sites belonging to Aboriginal Australians

The site itself purportedly dates back millennia when the current ocean floor - where the site is located - was actually dry land, before sea level rises and changes in atmosphere, etc.

Sun penetrating the clouds above the mountains near Chengdu, China. "It looks like Genesis to me," s
Midday sunlight could deactivate up to 90% of coronavirus strain - study

The study authors say that the higher doses of ultraviolet radiation that occur during midday sunlight act as a "virucidal agent" for the coronavirus.

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