German doctors perform liver surgery in Hamburg
Research finds new causes, possible treatments for acute liver failure

Acute liver failure progresses rapidly and leads to death in 80% of cases when an emergency transplant is not performed.

If life exists on other worlds, would they even be able to see us?

"Only a very small fraction of exoplanets will just happen to be randomly aligned with our line of sight so we can see them transit," one of the researchers said.

Bar-Ilan studies how breast cancer patients gain weight during treatment

"We hope that in the future we will be able to identify those women who are at risk for weight gain through a simple examination – and perhaps even suggest ways to prevent this phenomenon."

Cambrian Explosion
Possible new organ discovered in the human throat by Dutch scientists

"We thought it wasn't possible to discover this in 2020," the study author said.

Fake news [Illustrative]
Flashbacks of fake news? You may have a better factual memory

The results of the study showed that misinformation reminders increased the ability of participants to recall facts and belief accuracy.

A woman reacts as a doctor wearing a protective glove takes a swab to test for coronavirus disease
Do you need to get tested for COVID-19? A new survey could tell you

The survey, available online in both Hebrew and English, consists of three questions: gender, age and what symptoms (if any) are being experienced.

The coronavirus crisis is an opportunity to invest in education

A generation in which we invest in the development of skills and capabilities, self-learning, curiosity and research is crucial.

Ancient two-shekel weight discovered near Western Wall

The excavation in which the weight was found was conducted by the IAA in conjunction with the Western Wall Heritage Foundation. The weight was found beneath Wilson’s Arch by the Western Wall.

A worker touches a cannabis plant at a growing facility for the Tikun Olam company near the northern
Medical cannabis doesn't cause cognitive decline in seniors, study finds

"Although the cannabis patients have been using it consistently for at least a year, we have not found that their cognitive function is lower than of people similar to them in age and background."

Tel Aviv U. researchers develop antibody cocktail against COVID-19

Lead scientist: ‘Asymptomatic patients may possibly contract disease a second time’

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