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Did you have a cat when you were a kid? You may be at risk for this illness

A new study examined the link between a parasite common in stray cats and psychosis, and found a partial yet controversial link.

By Walla!

World's most powerful heavy-ion accelerator to open in Michigan

A community of 1,600 scientists from around the world will use the accelerator to study how the universe formed.

Increased immunity may protect against long COVID - study

“While this was a small pilot study, it does suggest that some people with long COVID may have underactive immune systems after recovering from COVID-19," said a senior researcher.

A tiny change in a particle's mass could shake the world of physics

A new precise measurement of the W boson's mass creates a huge buzz as it could force a new approach to the Standard Model of particle physics.

Ukrainian academics arrive at Hebrew University

In a show of solidarity, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has offered academic hosting for Ukrainian academic staff and students.

The Negev holds a place at the center of Israel - opinion

The work isn’t done. In the coming years, there is a significant window of opportunities for Israel to absorb hundreds of thousands of new immigrants, who will strengthen the country even more.

A man sees a light at the end of the tunnel (Illustrative)

'Near-death experiences' explored in first-ever peer-reviewed study

Advances in stem cell research, neuroscience and resuscitation have provided fascinating insights into what happens to the brain for hours and even days after death.

  Couple reads the Bible

Evangelicals use 3.4 media formats for 'spiritual purposes' - survey

For religious study, six out of 10 would rather read in print.

Eating this fruit for a month will make your heart stronger

Cranberries are fruits which are usually associated with women's health and prevention of bladder infections, but it turns out that they also have health benefits for men. 

By Walla!

Malignant cells clever enough to learn and adapt, study suggests

What makes it possible for cancer cells to spread and flourish despite radiotherapy, surgery to remove the initial tumor, chemotherapy and immunotherapy?

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