rise of secularism

The trouble with a secular world without religious tradition

A Gallup poll reveals that fewer than half of Americans reported belonging to a house of worship. America, the most religious of Western countries, is losing its religion.

secular religious Jews

Unity is not about uniformity

A young Jewish leader’s vision on communal challenges.

The Israel Goldstein Youth Village (Havat Ha'Noar Ha’Tzioni) celebrating the inauguration of a Torah

300,000 good deeds contribute to dedication of Torah in Jerusalem school

The new Torah scroll was written within the framework of Jerusalem50, a unique project initiated conjunctively by the Afikim Foundation and Orot.

A Passover Seder

The traditional Haggada and the non-believing Jew

It is perhaps the traditional Haggada that is most welcoming to the Jew who questions Jewish belief.


Religious and secular Israelis band together for Hanukka cheer

Hinam launches joint lighting ceremonies around the country

Haredi man

Calls to protect hassidic community from secular 'provocateurs'

There is severe inter-communal strife in Arad, where relations between the secular and haredi communities, in particular the Gur community, have been become increasingly rancorous.

A giant menorah stands in front of a Christmas tree at the Brandenburg gate to celebrate Hanukkah in

Christmas tree or Hanukka bush: Do they have their place in a Jewish home?

Mixed families and secular Jews explore the December dilemma.

Kibbutznikim and religious volunteers dance and celebrate at the end of Yom Kippur at Kibbutz Ortal

Over 850 volunteers to conduct Yom Kippur services in secular communities

The male volunteers lead the services, and at least ten are sent to every community to ensure there is a minyan.

Followers of ultra-orthodox Jewish rabbi Moses Teitelbaum of the Satmar Hassidim

Large majority of American-Jews, Israelis call for end to Orthodox monopoly in Israel

Seventy percent of American Jews and 61% of Israeli Jews said that they support establishing a pluralistic section in the Western Wall plaza to be used for egalitarian prayer services.

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