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Replacing Erekat will be no easy task - analysis

Palestinian experts say finding new top negotiator can wait until the Biden Administration’s policies become clear


After Erekat's death, it's time for new PA leadership to advance peace

The Arab states in the Gulf understand that the Palestinians are not serious about peace, and these states are no longer willing to let them stop normalization with Israel.

Erekat was the face of ’67, and died as idea was revived - analysis

To some Palestinians and as well as some in the international community and on the Israeli Left, he was a figure of unwavering commitment to peace.

Saeb Erekat's doctor to 'Post': We went above and beyond

Israeli and world leaders eulogize the chief Palestinian negotiator.

Security forces beside Palestinian flags half-mast for a three-day mourning period for Saeb Erekat

Palestinians declare three days of mourning for Saeb Erekat

"The departure of the brother and the friend, the great fighter Saeb Erekat, represents a big loss for Palestine and for our people," said Abbas.

PLO EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE secretary-general Saeb Erekat speaks in Khan al-Ahmar on Thursday.

JPost Archive: Saeb Erekat's legacy in 'his own words'

In his demands about how peace should be reached and his acceptance of terrorism as legitimate, Erekat's legacy may be one of preventing a Palestinian Israeli peace rather than fostering it.


Letters to the Editor, October 26, 2020: A fan of Sudan

The readers of The Jerusalem Post have their say.

Sick with COVID-19, Saeb Erekat’s organs start to deteriorate

Erekat was admitted to the hospital earlier this week after suffering from coronavirus for the past month.

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