Sebastian Gorka

Brian Fishman, Lead Policy Manager--Counterterrorism at Facebook speaks at the ICT Conference n Herz

Iran remains central focus at Counter-Terrorism Conference

The Herzliya conference, attended by more than 1000 participants, didn’t feature Israeli speakers alone.

JPost Annual Conference 2017

Gorka to Jpost: Bannon camp still has sway with Trump administration

Ex-top staffer discusses Syria, Charlottesville and continued growth of Jihadism.

Ex-White House staffer Sebastian Gorka

Gorka says McMaster has 'Obama lens' on threat of radical Islam

‘I never heard national security adviser say anti-Israeli things’

JPost Annual Conference 2017

White House ousts adviser accused of neo-Nazi ties

Sebastian Gorka was subject to questioning after he wore the pin of a neo-Nazi group to Trump's inauguration ball.

JPost Annual Conference 2017

JPost Editorial: Tempest in tea pot?

Legitimate criticism should be limited to policy. The attacks against Gorka and others in the administration are something else: political mudslinging.

JPost Annual Conference 2017

Trump aide Gorka pushes back against accusations of antisemitism

Sebastian Gorka has been the subject of a series of reports which document his alleged associations with Vitézi Rend, a neo-Nazi group.

Sebastian Gorka

Editor's Notes: Why we are hosting Sebastian Gorka

The role of a newspaper is not to shy away from tough issues. It is to embrace them.

Sebastian Gorka

Citing antisemitism, Democratic lawmakers urge Trump to fire aide

White House counter-terrorism advisor Sebastian Gorka has denied being a fascist or antisemite.

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