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Shia militias threaten US, Israel in Iraq

BEHIND THE LINES: The inability of the Iraqi central government to rein in the Shia militias might be dismissed as a colorful and lurid tale from somewhere distant. Unfortunately, it is not.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani welcomes Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi as they wear prote

Iraq’s prime minister walks tightrope in struggle with militias

The militias have fired dozens of rockets at facilities where US personnel are located. They have frequently fired Iranian-supplied 107mm rockets at the US embassy in Baghdad.

Flag of al-Qaeda

How did Iran, al-Qaeda end up in bed together?

The wild world of intelligence: Were Jerusalem, Tehran both side shows in the latest attack that took out Abu Muhammad al-Masri?

Ex-Mossad chief: Bahrain will try to guard Israelis from Shi’ites, Iran

Efrayim Halevy rejected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s formula of “peace for peace,” saying that Israel was never at war with the UAE or Bahrain.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks during the cabinet meeting in Tehran, Iran, March 4, 2020

Iranian regime believes 'defeat' of US coincides with Ashura holiday

For many Shi’ites this period is one of intense mourning and emotion. The Iranian regime seeks to hijack the events every year to connect them to current events

Iran social media campaign winning over Sunnis, other parts of world

The network goes far beyond the usual suspects of proxies associated with Iran like Hezbollah, Shi’ites in Iraq and the Houthis in Yemen.

First Shi'ite country: Azerbaijan’s historic speech at AIPAC conference

Recorded history shows that Jews have lived in Azerbaijan for 2,600 years; an estimated 30,000 currently live there.


Iran trains Shia militia proxies in Iraq to wage war on US - report

Iranian proxies in Iraq are training for war against the US and will continue to fire rockets at US forces in Iraq until the US leaves, a new report says.

LIBYAN PRIME MINISTER Fayez Mustafa Al-Sarraj is pictured during an interview in Berlin on January 2

Voices from the Arab Press: Libya, Shiite Terrorism and Iran

Arab press discusses important events in the past week in the Middle East.


Iranian clergyman scolds women for walking dog, gets hit by car

Abolhassan Kayhani, from the western Hamadan province, reproached the women for walking their dog in a park that was near his home.

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