Simcha Rothman

Coalition calls for calm in wake of final judge selection bill debate

"This is a testing time for all Israeli citizens, right and left," said Smotrich. "We must rise above politics, above suspicion and apprehension."

Netanyahu's Likud faction votes to approve 'softening' of judicial reform

According to the new proposal, the Judicial Appointments Committee will include 11 members instead of the current nine, while six out of the eleven will come from coalition parties.

New Rothman proposal does not solve 'essential legal difficulties,' deputy A-G says

The changes proposed by Rothman to the bill were met with criticism from both coalition and opposition MKS.

Coalition leaders meet to discuss ‘softening’ of judicial reform

Rothman introduces drastic Judicial Selection Committee changes.

Israeli gov't to push judicial reform through after rejecting Herzog's outline

The coalition deemed the president's proposal "one-sided, biased and unacceptable" soon after it was presented on Wednesday night.

President's proposal may still bear fruit - analysis

The power struggle between the Likud's pro-compromise camp and the hardliners who are toeing Levin's line may decide the fate of the judicial reforms.

How does Herzog's judicial reform outline compare to other plans? - analysis

President Isaach Herzog introduced an outline for the judicial reform in a statement on Wednesday.

Law committee: Could adding more MKs fix judge selection committee?

Critics contend that the current reform formulation would create an automatic coalition majority.

Judicial reform compromise closer, but judge selection next big issue -analysis

Politicians and activists are increasingly coming to accept the notion of compromise on many issues.

Reform backer Kohelet calls for compromise, possible drop of override

Kohelet said that consensus was important and that it had engaged with experts with opposing opinions in order to find such compromises.

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