Reclaiming Israel’s national pride at Joseph’s Tomb

We have a state, we have Jewish sovereignty and we have a Jewish army. All we need now is to regain the will to use them.

Will Biden's visit challenge Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem? - opinion

The symbolic nature of this visit has been created to pave the way for the US administration to challenge Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem.


Israel shouldn't ban the Palestinian flag - editorial

A strong, confident country is not spooked or unnerved by someone else’s flag. Israel’s sovereignty is not at risk because of some Palestinian flags.

The attempts to degrade Israel’s Temple Mount sovereignty - opinion

The nation of Israel’s history at and identification with the Temple Mount is longer and more ancient than others. It must exercise its sovereignty accordingly.

By Ilan Pomeranc

If Israel does not assert sovereignty, it will lose it - opinion

The Palestinians are playing a long game, with a bright and clear goal: the elimination of Israel.

US can’t find its roar on African Lion’s Sahara issues - analysis

US military won’t explicitly deny what others are confirming in Western Sahara.


Protesters demand return of bodies of Hadar Goldin, Oron Shaul from Hamas

The demonstrations are an attempt to put pressure on the Israeli leadership "to express Israel's sovereignty" by bringing back the bodies for a Jewish burial.

Israel's destiny is in extending sovereignty to Area C - opinion

On behalf of the Jewish people, past and future, by virtue of historical claims, international law, and civil and humanitarian rights, Israel is entitled to extend sovereignty in Yesha.

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