Spanish Inquisition

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Law to commemorate victims of Spanish Inquisition submitted to Knesset

Beyond recognition of the day, activities will be held by the Education Ministry to help teach Israelis and provide resources on the history of the Spanish Inquisition.


Portugal has naturalized 23,000 applicants under Jewish law of return

About 25,000 of applications were submitted in 2019 alone, many of which have not yet been processed.


Portugal nixes citizenship amendments after pressure from Jewish groups

Over a hundred thousand Jews, mainly from Turkey and Israel applied for citizenship through this policy, out of which, about 20 thousand have so far received a Portuguese Passport, according to Ynet.

New bill places hurdles for Jews seeking Portuguese citizenship

"The decision to submit a bill that would again prevent Jews from exercising their legal right, reminds us of dark days and regimes crueler than even that of the Inquisition," the letter added.

General view shows the Portuguese parliament during a debate.

Portugal declares official commemoration day for inquisition of Jews

“Hopefully, this day will create greater awareness of this dark chapter of Jewish and Portuguese history, which still casts a giant shadow across the world."

Religious men praying in Krakow Ghetto on Yom Kippur 1940.

Jewish resilience: The fight to keep Yom Kippur during dark times

Jews imprisoned in ghettos and concentration camps still found several ways throughout that time to mark Yom Kippur.

Dani Rotstein and the Majorca Jewish community celebrate Hanukah in December 2018.

Reviving Jewish life on the paradise island of Majorca

There was a Jewish presence on Majorca from 418 CE, but prior to and during the Spanish Inquisition the community were forced to convert to Christianity.

Mourners take part in a vigil near the border fence between Mexico and the U.S after a mass shooting

El Paso rabbi tells 'Post' Jews in solidarity with Hispanic community

According to experts on the Spanish Inquisition between 10 and 20% of El Paso's population have Jewish origins.

Spanish Inquisition: 527 years ago, Jews in Spain made impossible choice

Today, some 200 million people may be descendant of the Spanish and Portuguese communities forced to convert to Christianity.

Pro-unity supporters take part in a demonstration in central Barcelona, Spain

Spanish island of Mallorca prepares for largest Jewish event in centuries

Attendance has doubled from the first Limmud conference last year, he said.

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