16-year-old stabbed in school in second case in a week

Two students of the school were arrested on suspicion of being involved in the stabbing.

Border Police officer injured in stabbing attack in Huwara

The terrorist attempted to steal a Border Police officer's weapon before he was shot by the commanding officer of the group.

46-year-old stabbed in Kfar Yasif, in critical condition

Medical teams that were called to the scene reported that the injured man was stabbed several times in his torso.

By Walla!

Stopping road rage in Israel as important as stopping terror - editorial

Cases of road rage are not rare and they need to be treated with all seriousness. The victims of road rage deserve no less attention than the victims of terrorism. A murder is a murder. 

Adi Mizrahi admits to murdering Yuri Volkov in Holon road rage

Volkov's daughter, Daria, called for Mizrahi to be imprisoned for life.

By Karin Sagi/Walla

Adi Mizrahi identified as suspect in the murder of Yuri Volkov in Holon

Mizrahi was initially charged with reckless homicide, despite footage from the scene of the incident clearly showing the stabbing that killed Volkov.

By Walla!

Suspect arrested after motorcyclist stabs Israeli to death in Holon

Yuri Volkov, 52, was stabbed to death at a Holon interchange by a motorcyclist, who almost ran him and his wife over.

Tamir Avihay, Michael Ledigin, Moti Ashkenazi killed in Ariel attack

Three people were killed and three others were wounded in the stabbing and ramming attack in Ariel on Tuesday.

Three Israelis killed, three injured in Ariel terrorist stabbing rampage

Lone attacker identified as 18 year-old Muhammed Soof who worked as a cleaner in the Ariel industrial zone.

Unstable man shot dead by IDF soldier after attempting to stab others

The attacking man was already arrested for threatening others and assault but was found mentally incompetent to stand trial.

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