A strike is a form of protest where workers and employees refuse to continue to work.

There can be many motivations for this, such as objection over specific policies or dissatisfaction with wages.

The practice became more widespread following the Industrial Revolution, where more companies began to rely on mass labor.

Strikes are not limited solely to the private sector, and employees in government agencies, public transportation and medical institutions have gone on strike before.

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Israeli medical facilities begin strike in protest of violence

They will all work on a reduced Shabbat schedule, except for emergencies or in hospitals’ departments of oncology, hematology and obstetrics and IVF and dialysis units.

Healthcare system to go on strike on Monday in protests against violence

The decision to go on strike comes after medical staff were attacked twice within a matter of days.

Israeli school to start one hour late due to a violent third-grader

According to the spokesperson for the Teachers' Union, the staff at the Yosef Karo school is afraid to come to work.

Israel's education system needs a change - opinion

The recent wage agreement was an important first step, but it isn't enough to change the reality of Israel's education system.


Iran protesters call for three-day strike from Monday

To coincide with Student Day, protesters are calling for strikes by merchants and a rally towards Tehran's Azadi (Freedom) Square.


Israel may see shortage of beef, chicken, fish

The Health Ministry's vets are striking because of pay issues, conditions of work and not enough manpower.

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How the court kept Israel's national parks open for Sukkot

In today’s complex global economy, alternative settlement methods for collective disputes must be developed so that a strike is the last option.


Oil workers join Iran protests: 'We'll destroy everything we built'

Oil worker strikes were pivotal in the Islamic Revolution of 1979 which led to the fall of the Shah.


The answer to school strikes is baseball - opinion

In baseball, what often happens is that with arbitration looming, the two sides get close enough to come to an agreement, and arbitration is avoided altogether.


Israelis are going back to school: Teachers, gov't reach last-minute agreement

The new agreement will see new teachers paid NIS 9,000 * High schools will open as well on Thursday

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