Two State Solution

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict can't be solved, only ended - opinion

The most practical and realistic alternative to the 2SS is to recognize Jordan as the homeland of the Palestinians – all of those who want to live in peace.


Why doesn't anyone want to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? - opinion

Why haven’t the two sides resolved the conflict? With people dying on both sides, you’d think there’d be an impetus to find a resolution as soon as possible.

Netanyahu's new government must affirm 2-state support -EU Parliament

European Union parliamentarians affirmed that they gave their "unwavering support for a negotiated two-state solution on the basis of the 1967-lines."

UNGA call for Israeli-Palestinian peace parley in Moscow

Australia switches historic no-vote on the annual text and abstains * Ukraine voted for the resolution

Shimon Peres: Dreams of peace became Israel's nightmare - opinion

Shimon Peres’s dreams of peace and his support for Palestinianism and “the two-state-solution” became a nightmare which haunts us until today. This is his true legacy.


US committed to reopening consulate, two-state solution - Hady Amr

Hady Amr stressed that President Joe Biden “remains fully committed to a two-state solution, which he made clear in Jerusalem.”

Yuval Noah Harari to CNN: 'Israeli public has moved on from two-state solution'

The Israeli author and Hebrew University professor says that most of the general Israeli public wants three classes of people.

Campus activism is anti-two states, pro-erasing Israel - Brandeis Center

Alyza Lewin, president of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights (LDB), discussed her ongoing struggle to defend Jewish-Zionists on campus.

The exodus of reconciliation in Israel and Palestine - opinion

The exodus of the reconciliation process is the path toward coexistence, freedom, equality, the pursuit of happiness, and peace in our land.


US ambassador talks Israel policy, Russia-Ukraine, China-Taiwan issues

US Ambassador Thomas (Tom) R. Nides kindly agreed to an interview to explain current US policy on international trouble spots, particularly toward Israel.

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