Two State Solution Israel Palestine

 Museb Hassan Yousef, also known as the Green Prince, seen at the Jerusalem Post Annual Conference

'Palestine depends on destruction of Israel,' says Green Prince at 'Post' Conference

Mossab Hassan Yousef, son of a Hamas co-founder, argues that Palestine’s existence depends on Israel's destruction and criticizes the Palestinian Authority's threat to Israel.

Slovenian parliament recognizes independent Palestinian state

The SDS, the largest opposition party, argued it was not the right time to recognize an independent Palestinian state and that the move would only award the "terrorist organisation Hamas".


Canadian parliament holds debate on motion to recognize Palestinian state

"A two-state solution requires the recognition of two states," said NDP Edmonton Strathcona MP Heather McPherson, who led the push for the motion in the debate.

Israel's leaders cannot forget West Bank terror amid Hamas War -editorial

Our leaders need to begin talking about ideas for paths to peace. We are years and years too late, and the bodies are piling up.

Norway PM sees imminent deal to transfer tax funds between Israel and Palestinians

Norway is part of an international effort to build a broad, Palestinian unity government, with Western nations aiming for the PA to play a key role in it.

 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends a discussion and a vote on the state budget

Israel pans US two-states plan as a gift to Palestinians, eyes victory over Hamas

US President Joe Biden and Jordan's King Abdullah spoke about the importance of a two-state resolution to the conflict when they met at the White House earlier this week.

 US PRESIDENT Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken visit Israel in October

The two-state solution is not the only road to peace

Other options exist for resolving the dispute and granting the Palestinians self-rule and governance, including autonomy, federation, confederation, condominium, and co-imperium.


After 18-years of abuse of power, Palestinians undeserving of self-rule in Gaza

Israel has proven itself capable and willing to rule Gaza in a prudent and judicious manner.


Jewish Republican group slams Biden's call for two-state solution during war

The RJC said they're deeply troubled by the Biden administration's growing pressure on Israel to commit to the creation of a Palestinian state.

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