No room for Iran nuclear deal progress now - France's Macron

Macron said the current political situation in Iran, where protests have broken out against the government, changed the situation "a lot" and "fragilized" the likelihood of reaching a deal.


Iran racing to expand enrichment at underground plant, IAEA report shows

Those seven cascades, one of IR-4 centrifuges and six of IR-2m machines, were fully installed but not yet enriching, Monday's report said.


Iran starts enriching uranium with advanced IR-6 machines at Natanz

Iran is using the cascade of up to 174 machines to enrich uranium to up to 5% purity.

A general view of the Bushehr main nuclear reactor, Iran

Iran deal: Israel urges France not to cave to Tehran on terms

Tehran has demanded that the International Atomic Energy Agency end its investigation into uranium traces found in places of undeclared nuclear activity.

As nuclear deal deadline reached, Iran threatens with ‘plan B’

Tehran faces the EU's unofficial deadline to accept the final draft of the 2015 nuclear deal. What will their final response be?

New centrifuges may bring Iran within a month of nuclear breakout

The announcement comes just hours after the US announced new sanctions against Iran's petroleum trade.


Iran's nuclear program is 'galloping ahead,' IAEA chief says

Western powers warn Iran is getting closer to being able to sprint towards making a nuclear bomb. Iran denies wanting to.


What is the current state of the Iranian threat against Israel?

MILITARY AFFAIRS: Ex-IDF intel chief Heyman: Iran wants Israel to feel threatened, but wants to maintain nuclear opacity.

Iran’s fabricated ‘fatwa’ excuse - opinion

The fatwa in question against the creation of nuclear bombs, which Iran yammered about for years until supposedly publishing its text in 2010, is a hoax.

Iran nuclear deal

Could Iran do a nuke test with existing 60% enriched uranium? - analysis

“A common fallacy is Iran would require 90% HEU, more commonly called weapon-grade uranium, to build nuclear explosives," said the president of the Institute for Science and International Security .

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