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Jerry Nadler: U.S. shouldn't use military aid as 'pressure point' on Israel

Israel needs the aid for defense, the Democrat politician said.

Aid for the right reasons

Rather than outright handouts, the aid package the US provides to Israel requires that 74% of these funds must be spent on the acquisition of US defense equipment, services and training.

Putin (L), Netanyahu (C) and Trump (R)

Israeli-Russian ties strain after U.S. exits from Syria

After airing out their disagreements at the U.N., Jerusalem and Moscow have signaled a willingness to move beyond crisis over beyond downed Russian plane.

Ofer Shelah

Israeli MK seeks to protect local defense firms losing out in US aid deal

Until now, up to 26% of US military aid, adding up to billions of shekels each year, could be spent inside Israel but the new agreement requires all American military aid to be spent in the US.

Rashida Tlaib on interview about Arab-Israeli Conflict (August 13, 2018).

Does Democratic nominee Rashida Tlaib represent the left?

J Street pulled its endorsement of Tlaib after her post-primary revelation that she opposes aid to Israel and backs a one-state solution.

Rashida Tlaib on interview about Arab-Israeli Conflict (August 13, 2018).

Jewish Democrats distance themselves from candidate opposing Israel aid

Rashida Tlaib, a daughter of Palestinian immigrants, is likely to win her race in Michigan's 13th Congressional district after surviving a competitive Democratic primary.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) speaks to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

Senate moves to codify Obama-era aid package to Israel

A bipartisan majority of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed the legislation, allowing it to proceed to the full Senate floor.


March 27, 2018: Pejorative adjective

The status quo is unsustainable, and morally and financially a disaster.

US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Israel Museum

Trump's 2019 budget request includes $200 millon increase to Israel

A president's budget allows the White House to lay out its priorities for the year but is not legally binding.

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