Enzymes in bacteria could help fight coronavirus - Weizmann Institute

In humans virus-fighting enzymes, known as viperins, are released into the bloodstream when the body detects an infection.

ONE OF THE Tel Aviv University researchers holds an Egyptian fruit bat last year.
New virus found only in Israeli bat with unknown human infection potential

The findings are significant as bats are reservoirs for emerging viruses, and have been attributed to virus outbreaks such as SARS, MERS and many more.

Infectious COVID-19 mutation may be 'a good thing' – disease expert

The new mutation may make the coronavirus more infectious, bu it appears to be less deadly.

A logo is pictured on the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
WHO: Coronavirus pandemic is 'one big wave,' not seasonal

Pointing to high case numbers at the height of the US summer, she urged vigilance in applying measures and warned against mass gatherings.

How $20 billion can prevent the next COVID-19?

This cost might seem high, but it's a sharp contrast to how much COVID-19 has cost globally, racking up a minimum estimate of $8.1 trillion.

Artificial cells on a chip
Israeli team develops artificial cells for the study of dangerous viruses

The system was developed by the Weizmann Institute of Science and could assist scientists worldwide.

People wear protective face masks for fear of the Coronavirus Covid-19 on the beach promenade in Tel
Coronavirus Safety Guidelines: How to avoid catching it

The 'Post' has put together a priority list of “safe” and “less safe” activities based on lists published by international health networks and publications.

“I like to get images out there to try to convey that this is an entity,” says Elizabeth Fischer, on
Microscopic portraits of coronavirus bring 'invisible enemy' in sight

The breathtaking images allow people to see a virus as elaborate biological structures with weaknesses that can be exploited, yielding clues for researchers about how to develop treatments.

As COVID-19 Spreads, Israeli Parents Should Prepare To Support Online Learners

Israeli students almost certainly will have to adjust to online learning as the COVID-19 crisis continues. Here's how parents can help them to adapt and succeed.

How do I know if I have coronavirus & Who is most at risk

“We usually swab from a spot inside the nose or mouth and look for the virus there."

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