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More endangered Israeli vultures found poisoned to death in the South

This brings the number of killed vultures to 12, effectively cutting the Israeli population down by 6%.

Endangered Israeli vultures killed in malicious poisoning attack

The carcasses of 9 vultures, accounting for almost 5% of Israel's vulture population, were discovered in southern Israel on Sunday afternoon after they ingested poisoned goat meat.

Fox found with head stuck in tahini bottle during IDF environment meeting

A report concluded that Israeli security forces are causing serious environmental damage.

Endangered wildlife in northern Israel killed in suspected poisoning

Since the 1950s, the extinction of several species in the region, particularly birds of prey, has been directly linked to the use of poisonous pesticides.

Mayo to Med: Israel returns sea turtles after tar cleanup - Watch

Tube-fed mayonnaise served to expel oil that had been swallowed or inhaled by the snappers, while wipes and cotton buds were used to remove tar from animals' eyes, noses and mouths.

Ibex kid found at Masada

Nubian ibex at risk of being abandoned by mother after hiker carries it

Approaching or touching ibexes can "stain" the animal, leading to the mother being unable to recognize the kid.

Jerusalem launches project to plant thousands of trees along sidewalks

Trees improve air quality by filtering harmful dust and pollutants such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide from the air.

Over 70 tons of tar cleaned from Israel's beaches since oil spill

The country's northern beaches have proved harder to clean, due to their rockier terrain, which tar more easily clings to than sand.

Wildlife Hospital cleans, treats animals after ecological disaster - Watch

The cleaning of the tar is done using special oils. It is a lengthy process that requires patience and an especially gentle hand.

Staff from Nature Authority rescue endangered eagle's eggs in Golan

The Golan Rescue Unit was responsible for saving the eggs, racing against time despite the mate being somewhere in the area.

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