wildlife in israel

Mountain gazelle looking at a highway intersection, Jerusalem mountains, Israel
Researchers lay out plan to save endangered biblical gazelle

Rapid human expansion in the past 200 years has taken a heavy toll on Israel's gazelle population.

A wild boar roams in the snow near Kibbutz Merom Golan in the Golan Heights
Definitely not kosher: Haifa overrun by wild boars

It all started when the northern Israeli municipality halted efforts to keep down the pigs’ population.

1st annual international ornithological festival.
Jerusalem haven for migrating birds celebrates 25th anniversary

The Nili and David Jerusalem Bird Observatory offers a welcoming habitat for a wide range of native and migratory species.

The eagle that suffered from poisoning in the Negev is released back to nature
Eagle poisoned in Negev gets released back to nature

The eagle was treated with fluids and Atropine, a medication used to treat certain types of nerve agent and pesticide poisonings. The eagle reacted well to the treatment and managed to recover.

WATCH: Eight Risso’s dolphins spotted near Eilat on Sunday

The pod, including four females and four young dolphins, were spotted by a park ranger.

Fire and Rescue services working to put out the fire at Shavei Shomron
Fires rage across Israel due to extreme weather, residents evacuated

Hundreds of houses were evacuated as a heat wave hit Israel, causing fires all over the country.

A wild sunflower
The unseen battle against the wild sunflower

The Wild Sunflower is an allelopathic plant, spreading toxins from all its parts - leaves, stems, flowers and seeds - that deter the growth of other plants or even kills them.

Beehive theft stings suspects' hopes for cultivation

The officers found multiple beehives stored in the back of the two suspect's truck.

 A clownfish and a sea anemone find shelter in plastic waste in a coral reef off the coast of Eilat
Israel moves pristine corals after restricted beach reopens

Scientists found a magical undersea world of unspoiled corals and schools of fish.

Migrating cranes staying in Hula Lake Park
Hundreds of thousands of birds soaring over the Hula Valley - watch

Hundreds of thousands of common cranes and other birds had been counted taking a break while flying south.

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