A VIEW of the settlement of Eli, in Samaria. Yesha Council deputy head Yigal Dilmoni said yesterday

Ne'eman to head Yesha Council, pledges to work for West Bank sovereignty

In the coming weeks, Shlomo Ne'eman is slated to replace Jordan Valley Regional Council head David Elhayani who has served in that role since 2019.

Settler leader Elhayani resigns as head of Yesha Council

Elhayani who is a member of the New Hope Party published his resignation notice just hours before the party announced its merger with Blue and White.

Can sovereignty solve problems in the West Bank's Samaria?

Today, demographics in Judea and Samaria play a large role in determining how that responsibility plays out.

Netanyahu warns right-wing victory not in bag in settler campaign stop

Netanyahu warns right-wing victory not ‘in the bag’ in settler campaign stop

“Don’t stay at home as if it [voting] doesn’t matter,” Netanyahu said, adding that, “it does matter.”

Tzachi Hanegbi at protest tent erected by Yesha Council, Young Settlements Forum, Jerusalem

Gantz meeting with settlers has not led to outpost legalization

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Likud ministers and the settlers have charged that Gantz has prevented the placement of the outpost issue on the agenda.

Yesha Council head: Capitol riot shows I was right about Trump

Gush Etzion Regional Council head Shlomo Neeman said the riots don't change the fact that Trump was supportive of Judea and Samaria.

Caucus threatens sovereignty bill over silent West Bank settlement freeze

Yesha Council launches campaign against Netanyahu over building

David Elhayani

Settler leader: It will be a gift to Trump if Netanyahu annexes alone

‘Israel’s annexation window will soon close.’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Mevo'ot Yericho in the Jordan Valley

Shaked: Netanyahu has given up on sovereignty over the Jordan Valley

Shaked spoke out amid growing reports that Israel planned a partial sovereignty plan over settlement blocs and would not at this time annex the full 30% allowed.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a meeting with Yesha council heads at the Prime Minister's Offi

Settlement leaders split on annexation reflects lack of trust in PM

Netanyahu has been unable to win over the settlement leaders because not all of them trust his word. And without details of the plan out there for all to see, trust becomes important.

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