Weekend Walk: Nahal Hashofet

After a pleasant hike through the forests near Yokne'am, take a break and cool off in a natural pool complete with waterfall.

Nahal HaShofet 311 (photo credit: Zoe Hantman )
Nahal HaShofet 311
(photo credit: Zoe Hantman )
To reach Nahal Hashofet, drive south from Tishbi Junction on route 66 (toward Megido intersection.) After six kilometers take the paved exit road at the Mishmar HaEmek Junction going in the direction of Park Ye'arot Menashe. Follow the signs to the parking lot and follow the road until Ein Ami.

The route, which is covered with trees throughout, offers a relatively easy hike which is circular and suitable for all the family.RELATED:Weekend Walk: From Eilat to the Golan Heights!Weekend Walk: Yom Ha'atzmaut special - Nahal Me`arotTake the red and white path which starts at a short footpath that leads down to the bed of the Hashofet stream. The path leads to a groove and to the remains of a flour mill.After leaving the stream, cross the small wooden bridge to reach a picnic area with a small cave. Continue on the path through the bed of the stream which leads to a tiny waterfall with a beautiful pool.From the pool, take the path that runs parallel to the stream and continue along the dirt road with the red footpath markings which lead back to the start.
Click here for interactive map
Click here for interactive map