No place like home for most Israelis' summer vacation

Half of all Israelis plan to go on vacation in Israel this summer, according to a new survey.

Half of all Israelis plan to go on vacation in Israel this summer, according to a new survey by the Mutagim polling company. Some 19 percent plan a vacation abroad and more than a third, 37.4%, will not go on any vacation this summer. The survey was conducted on behalf of British Airways during June among 500 Israelis, out of which 40.1% of the surveyed Israelis are parents of children up to 18 years old. "BA wanted to find out what helps to make the difference for the Israeli families while traveling with children abroad," BA Israel managing director, Yael Katan, said. "We found out that the Israelis prefer to take advantage of these trips for a joint family activity and that their children enjoy appropriate activities during the entire trip - including the long hours on the plane." According to the poll, 37% of the surveyed parents planning a family vacation abroad said that sitting together on the plane with all the family members helped to reduce tension and discomfort. A quarter of the surveyed parents said that broadcasting TV shows and movies on the plane helped them get through the flight successfully while traveling with young children. Another 13% said that games and toys were more useful in occupying their children during the long hours of the flight, and 8% mentioned that a comfortable seat and a meal suitable for children did the trick for them. The survey found further that 44% of the Israelis considered tourist attractions with a family orientation the most important parameter for the success of their trip. Fourteen percent said the comfort of the hotel was the most important aspect for them, 9% said that the weather was the crucial parameter for a satisfying vacation and 7% said that the variety of the food made their traveling enjoyable.