NATO leaders meet to discuss Libya, UN convenes over Syria

As Arab unrest continues NATO urges more support in Libya campaign against Gaddafi gov't; UK, France, Portugal, Germany resolution urges against supplying Damascus with weapons.

UN Security Council_311 (photo credit: Reuters)
UN Security Council_311
(photo credit: Reuters)
NATO leaders met in Brussels Wednesday, hoping to drum up support for its Libyan air strike campaign; the extra help was hard to come by.
NATO leaders say broader backing would help sustain the operations.
British Defense Secretary Liam Fox called on more countries to pitch in.
''What we have been trying to say today is that there are other countries who have assets which we could be using, not necessarily ground attacks but support and reconnaissance, in air-to-air refueling and so on... And they should be thinking again about that,'' he said.
The push for more involvement in Libya comes as foreign diplomats consider involvement in another war torn Arab country: Syria.
UN ambassadors met Wednesday in New York to discuss a draft resolution sponsored by Britain, France, Germany and Portugal that condemns human rights violations and urges countries not to supply weapons to Damascus.
A vote on the resolution could come later this week.