Taking on T-4

The ILAI Fund ensures that we remember the ill and disabled victims of the Shoah.

April 12, 2018 17:23
Albert Shaltiel and his son Ilai at the Holocaust Day wreath laying

Albert Shaltiel and his son Ilai at the Holocaust Day wreath laying. (photo credit: JULIJA LEVIN)

Albert Shaltiel, the founder of the ILAI Fund, a nonprofit created to assist underprivileged special- needs, sick and disabled children, regards the chance to participate as invited guests in this year’s wreath-laying ceremony at Holocaust Remembrance Day as a small vindication of those who were murdered as a result of the Nazi’s Aktion T4.

“T4 is an abbreviation of Tiergartenstrasse 4 in Berlin, the location of a Nazi department set up in 1940 [although the authorization for Aktion T4 was backdated by Hitler to September 1, 1939] to select the handicapped, the ill and the weak, whether mentally or physically, for mass murder by means of gassing – thus murdering 200,000 people. Once the Nazis saw how successful the killing system was, they went on to apply to at least a further million able-bodied people of sound minds who were murdered by means of the infamous Zyklon B gas in mock shower rooms at extermination camps,” Shaltiel explains.


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