Hamas gives ultimatum: Implement agreements or face escalation

The terror group has threatened to escalate the situation if Israel does not commit to allowing Qatari money to be transferred to Gaza.

Hamas gives Israel ultimatum: Implement agreements or face escalation
In the wake of recent terrorist attacks and rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, Hamas has threatened to escalate the situation if Israel does not commit to allowing the transfer of Qatari money to Gaza at the same time as the electricity supply increases, a member of the terrorist organization told the Lebanese newspaper Al-Ahbar.
According to the source, "Hamas has renewed its call for mediators to exert pressure on the 'occupation' to implement the understandings soon, due to the tense situation in the Gaza Strip. A boiling volcano will erupt in front of the enemy and its soldiers, and escalation is something Netanyahu does not want before the elections."
Qatari envoy Mohammed Al-Amadi is expected to arrive in the next few days to meet with Israeli and Hamas officials, to discuss maintaining the peace and transferring funds to the Gaza Strip.
Yesterday, the Arabic TV station Al-Jadeed reported that Hamas believes the explosive situation between armed militias and the organization raises the concern that "lone-wolf terrorist attacks" will increase in frequency, which could worsen an already tense situation. Hamas does not take responsibility for these attacks, opening the door for young people in the Gaza Strip to to carry out "improvised" attacks - which pose a security challenge in terms of early intelligence detection.
Hamas's assessment comes in light of the thwarted attempt by five terrorists to infiltrate into Israel through the Gaza border on Saturday night.
Prior to the infiltration attempt, a number of cities in southern Israel sounded "tzeva adom" (color red) alerts, after three rockets were launched from Gaza into Israel. Two of the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome system; one of them fell in an open area. In response, the Israel Air Force attacked two Hamas military infrastructures in the northern and central Gaza Strip.
Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz responded to news of Hamas's ultimatum to Israel, saying: "This is what blackmail looks like. For those who did not understand: Deterrence was not eroded – it was erased. In a Blue and White cabinet, we will dictate the reality to Hamas and we will not be its dollar providers."
Alex Winston translated this story.