Arts in Brief: December 8

DiCaprio converting to Judaism?; Hebrew ‘Mermaid’ makes a big splash.

DiCaprio converting to Judaism?
Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to be considering converting to Judaism for his longtime girlfriend, Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli. The possible conversion by DiCaprio, a non-practicing Catholic, is a sign that the popular American actor and Refaeli will marry, the Daily Mail reported Sunday.
“Leo’s sudden intense interest in Israel, its culture and religion is the clearest sign yet that he intends to marry Bar," said an anonymous source quoted in the London newspaper.
DiCaprio has visited Refaeli in Israel several times, most recently in November. It has been rumored for months that the couple are engaged.
Hebrew ‘Mermaid’ makes a big splash
Entertainment for Hannuka vacation isn’t what it used to be. Elaborate stage productions have replaced the somewhat amateurish offerings of old, and no better example has been taking place this week with the staging of the musical Little Mermaid (Bat Yam Hak’tana).
The local production, headed by director Moshe Kaftan and choreographer Oz Morag, have done Disney proud with their fast-paced, creative show that captivates all ages. Lead actors Guy Zoaretz (Munich, Tipul Nimratz) as Prince Eric and children’s video star Rinat Gabbai as Ariel are delights, with their singing and their dancing.
Utilizing strategically placed film clips and special staging effects to replicate scenes at sea, the production provides the blueprint for the rule that states that children, as much as adults, deserve top quality entertainment.
David Brinn