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Dance Review: Kolben Dance

Choreographer Amir Kolben created a dynamic, energetic dance for his strongest troop yet.

Kolben Dance InterFace (premiere) Suzanne Dellal February 12 With great expertise, choreographer Amir Kolben, director of the Jerusalem based Kolben Dance company (formally known as Kombina), created a dynamic, energetic dance for his strongest troop yet. Focused on the world of Internet dating sites, where he recently found love, Kolben tries to represent his views and feelings through motion while exploring some of the theoretical implications of Internet dating. Digital media artist Masha Weizel also contributed to the piece, posting an endless series of interchangable portraits on two small video screens, like a string of short-lived options on the Web. The multiple choices supplied by the virtual dating arena represent a place where identities are interchangeable, gender can fluctuate and love is as elusive as ever. Kolben translates his observations into segmented narratives of ultra short openings that often go nowhere. He knows all the right moves, the current trends, and is quite aware of what his local colleagues are doing. After three decades of dancing, Kolben is still as adaptable and inventive as ever.