Dance Review :<i>Joy Ride</i>

Idan Cohen Joy Ride Suzanne Dellal Maholohet August 30

Idan Cohen is slowly carving a name for himself among the younger generation of independent choreographers. He has been particularly noticed by dance professionals in the last couple of years and has also won some attention abroad at festivals. Three works comprised the evening, including his latest creation, Joy Ride. It was an excellent opportunity to see how his work has evolved and his personal movement vocabulary, composition, body perception and other artistic sensitivities have been strengthened. His trio The Year of the Fish, which opened the evening, exposed a particular sense of spatial composition and rhythmic complexities. The three dancers started off as mundane, sloppy and lethargic entities but were energetically charged up just by breathing - which launched them into a cycle of transformation. The work enjoyed the detailed work of Reut Levi, Gili Goberman and Rita Komissarchik and their accurate phrasing. Sandwiched in between the two works was the biting solo My Sweet Fur, danced exquisitely by Ran Ben-Dror in an interchanging role of a dog with human traits and a man with animalistic drives. It was bittersweet and funny, yet a most touching solo. Joy Ride is a dance for four who search for their social and sexual borders and limitations, giving specific attention to their partners on this journey. All three pieces take advantage of Cohen's wide range of dance lexicon, his humanistic point of view and artistic sensitivities concerning space, composition, musical textures and other tools of choreographic craftsmanship. All he has to do now is take his work further, away from relatively safe zones.