Top 5: Best sandwiches in Tel Aviv

A new column: Food enthusiasts at Taste TLV give their verdict on the best that the Tel Aviv dining scene has to offer.

La Gaterie cafe 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
La Gaterie cafe 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Judith S. Goldstein is the Co-Founder of TasteTLV. TasteTLV is the ultimate culinary guide for dining in Tel Aviv.

La Gaterie
Photo: Picture TAPhoto: Picture TAAfter a long trip in France and an internship at a croissanterie in Lyon, Roey and Adi perfected the art of making a flawless buttery and crisp croissant. These delicious croissants come with slices of gourmet cheese of your choice, exotic cold cuts, a runny poached egg, and a rich truffle spread, leaving the taste of luxury in your mouth. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ll always crave this one of a kind Tel Aviv treat.
The Atmosphere: Step into La Gaterie and you'll feel as if you’re in a little croissant shop in France. With sweet little knick-knacks such as ceramic birds and fresh flowers spread around the restaurant by Adi and Roey’s mom, tall ceilings, and a large wooden shelf filled with bottles of wine, La Gaterie is just like any other authentic croissanterie.
Ben Yehuda 184 (03) 522-4342, King George 97 (03) 525-0350
By creating that impeccable pastrami sandwich, Ruben’s has hit the nail on the head and brought the best of the kosher style American deli to Tel Aviv.  Steaming pieces of peppered pastrami, sliced fresh to order, are placed atop a thick piece of fresh rye bread with tangy deli mustard. A bite into this gargantuan sandwich and you might even feel like you’re in New York.
The Atmosphere: Shelved walls are adorned with large glass jars filled with pickles and bottles of mustard. The smell of peppery pastrami and fresh baked bread wafts through the air, and beers of overflowing from large chilled glasses. The atmosphere instantly makes you crave their scrumptious delight. 
Yehuda Halevi 112, Yermiyahu 32 077-490-8050
Eat Meat
Photo: Natalie ShellPhoto: Natalie ShellSimple and succulent, the folks at Eat Meat have got their approach to sandwich making just right. Take a warm, rustic piece of foccacia bread, grilled pieces of entrecote, garlicy chimichuri , fresh chopped tomato, lettuce and mayo and you have yourself an out of this world dining delight. Eat Meat serves a serious sandwich, only real food lovers need apply.
The Atmosphere: Eat meat is as simple as its menu. Black and white tiles are off set by a small simple bar that seats only about five people while black chairs and tables sit outside this small, fast paced sandwich bar. No frills involved, simply good food!
King George 68
Superstar Chef Eyal Shani did what most chefs dream of when he opened his very own sandwich bar in Tel Aviv.
He created a casual, playful culinary arena, with a no fuss attitude. Here he can bounce around ideas of flavor combinations without any formal rules or restrictions.
With jazz music blaring in the background, a menu scribbled on a chalkboard as if it were written by a hyper active child, and people buzzing around with a in an atmosphere of organized chaos, you feel the vibrant energy in the food and in the space. Vegetarian options include our favorite of fried culiflower, creme fraiche, and chopped vegetable sandwich.
If you are a carnivore, like us, don’t leave without trying the steak and egg sandwich, the runny egg with grilled steak and warm pita will take you back to your favorite late night breakfast treat at a diner.
The Atmosphere: Jazz music blares through restaurant, there is a big transparent kitchen and the place is constantly packed- inside Miznoon you will taste the energy and get every bit of it in every mouth watering bite.
Ibn Gvirol 23 (03) 716-8977
Buddha Burger
Photo: Zoe JickPhoto: Zoe JickIf you can make a vegetarian shwarma taste as good, if not better, than a real one, then you’re a genius! Arie, the mastermind behind Buddha Burger, has found a way to make a vegetarian version of this Middle Eastern favorite taste so good, you’ll never have to have to switch back again. Arie’s passion for vegetarianism gives him the drive to find alternatives to meat dishes that are full of flavor, spice, and make us forget that we’re not eating meat.

The Atmosphere: Arie is a vegan to the core and you can feel his passion from the moment you step into Buddha Burger. Sprawled all over the menu are quotes from Nelson Mandela and Gandhi and Arie lives by the motto “live and let live.” His eagerness to provide healthy alternatives to our favorite guilty pleasures are illustrated through the zen yet urban atmosphere.
Yehuda Halevi 21 (03) 510-1222,  Ibn Gvirol 86  (03) 522-3040
Judith studied Middle Eastern Politics at the University of California in Santa Barbara. She has worked in the hospitality and culinary industry for 10 years.