My words on Resolution 2334
Recently I viewed a graph which showed how many times peace negotiations were refused or rejected between Palestine and Israel. There are two main groups which work in the area that condemn Israel from Palestine and Lebanon. These are HAMAS and FATAH both linked to terror, and known as terrorist organizations internationally. In all instances in the graph which I viewed on Facebook somewhere Palestine backed out of every instance that Israel wished to put in place a two state solution.
Now the recent United Nations Security Council resolution 2334 is to me offensive language which blames Israel with language such as (“flagrant violation” and “no legal validity.) Israel has been condemned in 45 resolutions since the United Nations Human Rights Council was created in 2006. That is nearly half of all country specific resolutions which were passed by the council.  (Multiple quotes) ” In steps the Council recommended were to prevent all acts of violence against civilians, including acts of terror. “It goes on to say much more though Israel was already taking action on all of them. (” It called upon all States to distinguish, in their relevant dealings, between the territory of the State of Israel and the territories occupied since 1967.”)
Now I will quote the United States position on the resolution directly here.
(“Explaining her delegation’s abstention, the representative of the United States said it had been a long-standing position of her country that settlements undermined Israel’s security and eroded prospects for peace and stability. Explaining that Israel had been treated differently from other States for as long as it had been a member of the United Nations, she noted that during the course of 2016, 18 resolutions adopted in the General Assembly and others in the Human Rights Council had all condemned Israel.  It was because of that bias that the United States had not voted in favour of the resolution, she said, emphasizing that her delegation would not have let the resolution pass had it not addressed terrorism and incitement to violence.”)
My viewpoint on the creation of a two state solution between resident Palestinians and native Jewish persons is this. “Don’t negotiate with terrorists” a long time motto of the United States that has been ignored for some time now. Israel must not begin negotiations until there is a guarantee from Palestinians for peace and a recognition as well of Israel’s right to exist.
All of Israel’s security is working I’m sure on every eventuality in the region not only in Jerusalem. Israel is long known for its effectiveness in the region when surrounded by many hostile states. Canada and Ontario specifically received media attention for denying the right of the BDS movement to boycott Israel. This made me proud of my country which rarely slips in the area of Human Rights which can’t be said about the UN.

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