Benjamin Netanyahu isn’t the first Israeli PM to offer Palestinians a deal on settlements but it gets (rejected.) How do you fix non-agreements with those that don’t reason? Paying those for terrorist acts is part of the funds the Palestinian Authority budgets annually.  I have learned a lot about the UN since the Rwandan genocide.


Since that genocide I have been against Canada being involved in UN peacekeeping. My take on the BDS movement is there are fewer acts of terror in countries which don’t support the movement. Ontario and Canada didn’t fall apart upon rejecting the movement which seems to intimidate the current Europe suffering from migrant issues. I would like to see good immigration with safety for the entire world. Is it possible? Yes!


Peace in the Middle East may be impossible for everyone to enjoy because of the Palestinian authority making deals with socialism to have what they want. Someday Israel will have to agree to a two state solution implemented by Muslim friendly UNESCO or ignore, and have a one state Nation surrounded by terror on all sides. That would mean not allowing Muslim visitors, or workers having something like the Apartheid that the BDS movement falsely proclaims is happening.



Now Al Jazeera has made articles and videos which speak about anti-Semitism and Islamophobia as being similar. That may be an offensive statement but there are many people in the world that would like to see Jews live without fear. HATE is a global issue when you think about African American struggles with freedom in the sixties.


In this world of ours which we share please look toward peace with neighbors that support Israel. Not all Muslim countries support the Palestinian authority or Fatah. I see recently on news from a Facebook post Jews and Muslims enjoying each other’s company in Bahrain. There are Muslim visitors to Israel which enjoy Tel Aviv nightlife as seen on YouTube.


Hopefully one day I can travel to the Holy Land which will still be in the safe and stable hands of the State of Israel. Supporting leaders that stand up to terror is hard today because many countries are caving to the demand of their mayors to support movements which harass Jews. I still don’t understand anti-Semitic root causes for they are like Goblin stories without any factual base. I have seen anti-Semitic literature which I turned over to authorities. Speaking to police about this I recommended HATE literature should have new laws introduced similar to the treatment of offensive pornography.


Here in Canada law enforcement doesn’t protect anti-Semitic events arresting those that engage in HATE. Now in the USA is a different story because of different laws regarding freedom of speech. Police in the USA are attacked more often as being racist when they are simply allowing freedom of speech which is a constitutional right. They do enforce the laws enshrined in the Constitution like other laws they must enforce.


Police are friendly when approached that way rather than videotaping or recording the officer in roadside stops. Some people get too weird over what they consider to be the motives of authority. Seeing government conspiracies is common among those that protest legal measures after changes in government direction.


To sum up this post I would like those protesting Israel to wear a new pair of shoes. Speaking up is good if it is justified like it would have been during the rise of anti-Semitism in the mid to late 1930’s. Preventing atrocities doesn’t happen by protesting an entire people’s right to exist or simply live in peace. On my blog I support the Conservative Party of Canada, PC Alberta often mentioning global issues being as fair as I should be. 

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