"For now I know that you are God-fearing, and you have not withheld your son, your only one, from Me." (Genesis 22:12)

The mystical Torah literature is replete with references to the idea that the deeds and thoughts of man – both holy and sinful – create Malachim (angels). 

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The relative perfection or imperfection of these angels varies according to the mitzvah or aveira (sin) or type of action that brought them into being. 

This concept is alluded to in the verse above. 

The simple understanding of the verse is that Hashem is announcing to Avraham that his success at the Akeidah and willingness to bring Yitzchak as a Korban (offering) demonstrate Avraham’s lofty spiritual level. 

However, both the Vilna Gaon and Peninim Yekarim explain that this verse can be interpreted on a deeper level.  The words “from Me” can be understood to refer to a message the angel intended to convey to Avraham. 

The verse can thus be interpreted to mean: Since the deeds of man create angels, I can see from me – the angel created by your passing the trial of the Akeidah – that you are an extremely holy, God-fearing person, and the excellence and perfection of your deed!

Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Bregman is an internationally recognized Torah scholar, #1 best-selling author, matchmaker, entrepreneur, attorney, and media personality. His energetic and empowering messages currently reach over 350,000 people per week via social media, NYC radio, and newspaper columns worldwide. His website is www.RabbiBregman.com and his email is RabbiBregmanOfficial@gmail.com. 

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