To follow up my previous post on the price tag semantic term, where I pointed out that violence stemming from political motives, i.e., throwing eggs ast politicians in the UK, is not treated as "terror", I now read that in the United States, a series of incidents directed against Jews which included scrawling slogans is defined so:

"criminal mischief as a hate crime, aggravated harassment as a hate crime, and criminal mischief"

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Again, criminal activities of the ''price-tag'' variety in Israel, whether on this or the other side of the former Green Line, are wrong, unhelpful, systematic of an serious problem of the true relationship we should be having with the state of Israel.  But they are not "terror".

Nevertheless, if I criticize my own camp. I can criticize the wrong-headed approach and conceptualizations of the security forces as well as the media and their failure to adequately deal with the events.  And the reactions of politicians, like Itzik Herzog, as well.


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