It is now fact, that prescription drugs kill more Americans than street drugs, (heroin, cocaine). There's this delusion out there, that if you are getting medication from a doctor than it's somewhat okay, as opposed to using the forbidden street drugs.

          The first rule for a doctor is to do no harm, knowingly prescribing medication their patient can and should do without is malpractice and unethical at best. America with its large and powerful drug companies have won over doctors. Instead of solely caring for you as a patient, they are actively seeking out something wrong with you to prescribe some kind of medication.
   Look, of course for certain illnesses medication is often the only cure, the problem lies in what qualifies as a serious enough medical condition to put poison in your body. Medication should always be the last option, but nowadays doctors are all the more eager to prescribe a drug for whatever ailment. You're headaches suddenly defined as migraines and now your doctor has you taking Percocet, a highly addictive opioid. What's really frightening is the length they put you on the medication, more commonly than ever that choice is yours to make. The doctor will write you medication for as long as you feel you need it. Prescription medication in essence is poison, if your ailment is not life threatening, or life altering, opt to deal with whatever pains you without medication. 
      walk, a swim, even a candid conversation would do someone you love who has a drug problem a lot of good. The best and only thing you can do is speak frankly. I'm not a believer in patting drug addicts on the back and saying you have a disease.I prefer the strong and blunt approach that yes life is hard and maybe your back hurts or you're head throbs, but a decision to live you're life around medication is a decision to not live life at all.

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