Yes, it is hard to believe but the recent Obama-led strategic realignment of the world is a clear indication that Obama leads the world to the Koran-based spiritual realm away from the Bible-based Judeo-Christian civilization. About 80% of American citizens consider themselves Christians but do little to resist this realignment.

The US Congress and some conservative social organizations are warning against the realignment but are not able to constrain Obama’s imperial presidency. Yes, it is hard to believe but the Western European leaders don’t resist the Obama strategic realignment aimed at reducing the spiritual influence of the Judeo-Christian faith in the world affairs thus providing much better conditions for the Muslim conquest.

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That is a result of Europe losing the confidence in its own Judeo-Christian spiritual destiny. Yes, it looks like we are witnessing the third historic Islamic conquest of European Bible-based Judeo-Christian civilization. During the first 8-15th century conquest, the Muslims ruled the South-West of Christian and pagan Europe; during the second 14-20th century conquest, the Muslim ruled the South-East of Christian Europe.

The Muslim law forcefully imposed on the conquered European communities replaced the Bible-guided civilization development by the Koran-guided one. Europe tried to resist and protect its spiritual realm but was not capable – the Muslim’s military power was overwhelming. Now we see an accelerated invasion of the Muslims in the very heart of Europe – in UK, France, Germany and some Northern European countries – with almost no resistance.

This time the conquest is much quicker and much more successful since the Muslims are invading Europe “peacefully” paralyzing Europe by the threat of disrupting the “normal life” of Europeans if Europeans do not accept a “peaceful” Muslim conquest.

The Muslims figured out that the people with a spirited God-based faith, and they are such people, have an upper hand over the people with a consumerism-based faith, and the Europeans are such people.

The Muslims are fighting for their eternity (whatever it may mean) while the Europeans are trying to preserve their good life just for the time of their earthy life span. After the WWII, the US as the only eternity-oriented spiritual country of the Western civilization has led Europe in fighting all enemies of Judeo-Christian civilization, and the West were protected not just from the Communist conquest but from the Muslim conquest as well. Under Obama’s presidency, the US sharply reversed its global strategy – the support of Western Judeo-Christian civilization is being substituted by the promotion of Muslim realm as a leading spiritual power of the world.

At the beginning of Obama presidency, his first pro-Muslim speech at Cairo University was an indication that he might be preparing a Western-to-Islam strategic realignment. Then all his political actions for the last six years have been confirming this realignment. Finally, the nuclear agreement with Iran was a clear proof that is the case. In order to complete the Obama’s realignment the Muslims need the nuclear weapons – that is what be forcing the final surrender of the Judeo-Christian West.

The nuclear agreement with Iran provides the needed conditions for the nuclear Iranian developments. The agreement may sound nice - its pronounced goal is to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. However, the Mullahs are not trying to hide their real intent with their unstoppable slogans “Death to Israel” and “Death to the US” - these two countries represent Judeo-Christian core values.

The Mullahs would gladly accept this agreement since it would make their goal of annihilating Israel and humiliating the US much easier. The agreement provides the Mullahs with the needed money (the sanctions are gone) to finish the development of nuclear weapons and would not constrain it since the agreement

• let Iran engage in continued research and development as well as continued uranium enrichment;
• rely on Iranian promises of the compliance with the agreement and on Muslim-dominated UN to monitor this compliance. The paralyzed Christian West does not fight this agreement.

Only Israel is fighting to save the Western Judeo-Christian civilization, including the Jewish State itself, from the Muslim conquest. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called a Security Cabinet meeting to discuss the statements made in Lausanne, according to which Iran and the world powers have reached a basic framework for a nuclear deal.

A statement at the end of the meeting said: "The Cabinet is united in its opposition to the agreed upon terms." Netanyahu said that the deal would legitimize Iran's nuclear program, bolster Iran's economy and increase Iran's aggression and terror throughout the Middle East and beyond.
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