UNESCO's Globalist Agenda … minus Israel

It’s time for member states to take a hard look at UNESCO—and discern the growing gulf between its actions and the noble precepts of its Constitution and the UN charter. Despite its public commitment to justice, the rule of law and human rights, “without distinction of race, sex, language or religion,” UNESCO strips these rights solely from Israel and denies its religious heritage, history, and legitimacy as the nation state of the Jewish people. UNESCO’s “unrestricted pursuit of objective truth,” and commitment to preserve the historic heritage of all world cultures excludes Israel.
Recent resolutions supporting contrived Palestinian claims to Jewish history, land and heritage are part of the UN’s anti-Zionist track record. Despite the legacy of the 1922 League of Nations Mandate and 1947 Resolution 181, anti-Semitism steadily increased as UN membership swelled. By 1967, the tide had turned. In 1975, Ugandan dictator Idi Amin called for Israel’s “expulsion from the United Nations and the extinction of Israel as a State” and this was to a standing ovation. Also under Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim, a former Nazi officer, Resolution 3379 equated Zionism with racism.
Yet neither anti-Semitism nor Muslim majorities suffice to explain this organization’s hatred of Israel—unless also seen through the lens of encroaching globalism.
"The task before UNESCO,” said its first Director-General Julian Huxley in 1946, is “the emergence of a single world culture” by transferring "full sovereignty from separate nations to a world organization.”
The “new world order” will be a socialist, authoritarian global government and court with “global rule of law” and a “one-world economy,” according to the Commission for Global Governance.
The Obama Administration provides an example of leftist globalists in action. Bankrolled by billionaire George Soros, and using the radical social-manipulation “rules” of Obama mentor Saul Alinsky, the Left exploits groups like Black Lives Matter as “agents of change” to help usher in their new world order. They fund and direct radical groups to sow chaos and division by politicizing leftist targets such as police by labeling them as “racist.”
“The black community is in a grave situation and they are being exploited and manipulated by the liberal left,” said African-American Vanderbilt University law professor Carol Swain.
In the same way, UN globalists manipulate the Palestinians. They play the “racism” card to incite chaos, division and attacks against Israeli police and soldiers—just like in Ferguson, MO. Their strategy: foment societal disruption so as to undermine democratic foundations—then step in and take over.
The Globalist agenda also includes the establishment of a one-world religion which means the
political globalists have a religious arm. The UN is riddled with New Agers, occultists and others who consider freedom of religion hostile to New Age global harmony.
Former UN Assistant Secretary-General Robert Muller told the San Jose Mercury that religious fundamentalism's "inflexible belief systems … play an incendiary role in global conflicts.” There’ll be no peace without “taming fundamentalism through a United Religion that professes faithfulness only to global spirituality,” he said.
On two counts, Israel is a thorn in the side of one-world globalists. First, Zionism is Israel’s call as the nation state of the Jewish people; its Jewish identity, history, and defensible borders are integral to its survival. As Israel's former U.N. Ambassador Chaim Herzog declared: “The key to understanding Zionism lies in its name. ‘Mount Zion’ is the place where God dwells according to the Bible. Jerusalem or Zion is where the Lord is King…. "Zion" grew … to mean the whole ... Jewish homeland, symbolic of ... Jewish national aspirations.”
Second, though Israel supports freedom of worship for all residents, including Christians and Muslims, the Jewish religion reveres G-d—not a New Age, cultic pantheon. In Deuteronomy, Moses conveyed Israel’s calling to “a people holy (“separate”) to the Lord your G-d. Out of all the peoples on the face of the earth the Lord has chosen you to be his treasured possession.”