Bad Plumbers: Wasting American tax Payers' Money

The water pipes in your kitchen are leaking water. You pay a handsome amount of money to a plumber who informs you enthusiastically that you have a leak. The money you have paid the plumber came on the account of school tuition for your children and insurance payments you need to make for your old mother. The money would had probably been better directed towards your car that needs urgent repairs. 
This is the case with the United States spending policies. They allocate ridiculous amounts of money for the plumber who only states the obvious about your home's water pipe condition when even a blind man can tell you that you have a leak, judging from the sound of escaping water and how wet the floor is. 
Nikki Haley is one of those plumbers depleting the US wallet with their salaries, expenses accounts, and department budgets. She just made announcements about Iran supplying missiles to the Yemeni Houthis. I think the world stood in silence, amazed at this revelation. All this time, the people of earth had thought that the missiles targeting those poor victimized peace-loving Saudis were made in Papua New Guinea under license from Madagascar. 
Miss Haley made sure that recovered parts of the huge missile were on display behind her as she declared Iran's evil intentions against the friends of the United States.  
Miss Haley must had forgotten to have placed remaining parts of the exploded cruise missiles from Baghdad neighborhoods. Maybe she didn't forget; maybe it's just that an Iranian missile called Fateh-110 or Fajr-5 sounds like a tool of terrorism while something with a cute name like Tomahawk sounds like a children's cartoon we all grew up to love. Or, perhaps, those nasty Iranian missiles unleash fiery hell while the American ones explode into candy like a birthday piñata. 
Another possibility for the selective memory disorder that Miss Haley had based her little show on could be that the number of Iranian missiles targeting Saudi Arabia is so huge that it was easy to find evidence while the amount of  was insignificant. Seriously, what's a bit more than 1,618 cruise missiles between friends? 
The United States doesn't need my humble opinion that it is a truly great nation. Neither does it need my reminder that many of its citizens are well educated peace-loving intellectuals who don't necessarily agree with their administration's budgeting practices. 
Veterans are homeless and banks foreclose on houses of families who are victims of shameful government expenditures. How many people are sleeping in their cars and how many can't get the necessary medical attention due to lack of insurance? What is the percentage of Americans who agree with how public funds are channeled? Is there a real necessity for hiring officials who do nothing but state the obvious? 
It's very difficult not to be cynical to some extent when discussing the new generation American politicians; the irony in their rhetoric is too inviting. Here you have a top official attacking the Iranian regime when Iran has never even thrown a hand grenade on US soil while the overwhelming majority of the 9/11 perpetrators were Saudi. The same official is trying to sway international public opinion against Iran for donating missiles to Yemen; the country that is defending itself against the Saudi insane bombing campaign. It seems she hasn't been briefed about the Saudi one trillion dollars plus cost of the campaign against Yemenis. It's either that or she has a share in arms sales. 
There should be a law about adding "must not try to insult people's intelligence" in the job description of politicians. America is the country that invented the "Do it yourself" lifestyle; the last thing Americans need is an overpaid plumber who does house calls with an empty toolbox.