Jewish Activism: Of Freedom Seders, Apartheid and Global Scorching 

This week's guest on the New Blue Review is Rabbi Arthur Waskow founder of the Shalom Centre talking on the topic of Jewish activism. 

Rabbi Waskow takes us through his life as a social activist for civil rights with Dr Martin Luther King and against the war in Vietnam and his eventual encounter with Judaism that lead to his creation of the first Freedom Seders. He also talks to us about the importance of Shabbat in being a Jewish activist and his work in movements that focused on ending apartheid. He also looks at the new global Jewish activist issues on the agenda such as Global Warming (or Scorching as he calls it) and what you can do to play your part. 

You can listen to Rabbi Waskow on 101.9 ChaiFM and give us your feedback on Twitter. 

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