This week Bibi, Obama, and the Europeans enacted their places in history. Folly, vanity, and disaster flitted across our horizons.

An age ago Cairo hosted the Big Bang marking the creation of Obama’s reconstructed universe. The hallmark sunburst of a failed era proceeded with a faux-Nobel Peace Prize. Ironically, or perhaps, maybe not, mayhem ensued. Could it be more apt? The imploding dwarf star spitefully exploded over Jerusalem. 

 They anointed Obama at Oslo – no-one knows why. The Muslims followed en-masse, arriving at every European city and town – and everyone knows why. Mass Muslim immigration to Europe is the Obama legacy.

 Europe is boiling over. The Europeans have a historical, time-honored elixir. Is there social unrest? Is there poverty? Is the plague rife? Have you lost a war?  Blame the Jews, pillory them, vilify them, steal their goods, burn their property, rape their women, kill them all in pogroms or a Holocaust. Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, there are virtually no Jews left in Europe. Thank God, the Europeans have the next-best thing – the Jewish State.  Europe is staging a virtual pogrom – a ‘Peace Conference’ the goal being dismembering the Jewish States. Throwing the Jewish State under the bus is an affordable price for a Europe traditionally fine-tuned in the black arts of Jew bashing. The Europeans both appease their newly arrived, militant, neo-anti-Semitic Muslim minorities and indulge in their atavistic fantasy that all evil would be corrected if Jews, and the Jewish State were voluntary to obliterate themselves.  Can anything be more justified than giving a helping hand?

The specter of a legacy-lite Netanyahu rose. Netanyahu found another opportunity to render a Bibi rhetorical feast and temper tantrum. We revisited the prototype Congress’s Iranian debate fiasco. Then in the shadows and danger of yet another Obamaesque act of highly educated stupidity, Bibi lost the plot. Bibi should have stayed away. He should have kept quiet. Instead, then, as now, the Bibi legacy show hit the road. Subsequently, single-handed, he lost congressional support. Now he left the hypocritical Europeans bemused. Both Obama and the Europeans are playing the settlement card. And Bibi walked into the trap. It is not the issue. A flawed personality and a weak style of governing eclipsed the vital issue, a dithering Prime Minister missed the point.

The issue in the Middle East is governance. How can the Sunna Arab majority govern itself?

The Arab Sunna cannot govern themselves. The Palestinians cannot govern themselves. Arab Sunna Government has led to interminable bloodshed. The Egyptians and Turks gain national unity and cohesion as a people, not as a religion. The Egyptians and Turks are governable. The Arab Sunna world today is not. Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Lebanon sink into a sea of blood. Isis is rampant proof; the Sunna Arab has no government model.

The Palestinians, unfortunately, are a subplot in the quagmire. The Palestinians are the first nascent, unborn state known to mankind to indulge in a civil war before acquiring statehood.

The very aspiration of setting up a Palestinian State is an exercise in futility and an abandonment of any contact with our ongoing reality. Palestinian Statehood, in the present circumstances, is an unthinkable act of lunacy motivated by a latent, but real desire to destroy Israel. The obdurate Arab Sunna’s woeful inadequacies negate the asinine, superficial mantra demanding Israeli suicide by other means -- the two-State Solution.

The people of Israel want their leader to explain to the world the perils we are facing. Netanyahu must show the settlement issue as irrelevant, not a matter of concern and hide the real issue. Netanyahu cannot do this.

This is the real issue.

At home, Netanyahu is incapable of leadership. The flea on the dog's tail is wagging the dog. The impossibility of a Palestinian State is not the blessing the flea seems to think. It is a catastrophe. The Palestinians cannot govern themselves. There is no sovereign body which can both negotiate and guarantee the peace. There is no Arab Sunna model to imitate. The roots of the Obama enhanced mayhem flooding Europe are the same roots of the Palestinian inability to come forward and negotiate.  Eventually, they will, and when they do we will make peace with them. Until that time, we must wait.

Now is neither the time nor the place to indulge in pseudo-messianic land aggrandizement led by a fanatic minority.

Netanyahu's job is to stop the home-grown lunacy; not to identify with it. Netanyahu is beholden to sharpen the picture; not to fudge it with the obscurism clothing a settlement drive.

The point is: how will the Sunna Arab population govern itself? Solve this; solve Palestine.

Present it as such, both in Israel and outside.

The Obama legacy is a farce. Netanyahu has little time left; he too will be remembered as part of our problem; not part of our solution.






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